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A Tiny Universe’s Companion: Popular Techniques in Traditional Astrology


A Tiny Universe’s Companion accompanies A Tiny Universe, a textbook based on Thema Mundi, a symbolic Birth-Chart of the Universe.


A Tiny Universe’s Companion explores a number of techniques which were popular in Traditional Astrology several centuries ago. Some of these concepts have fallen out of practice in present day astrology, and Companion is aimed towards bringing them back into the libraries of astrology enthusiasts as well as into the classroom for students of astrology and the consulting room for today’s astrology practitioners.


Planetary Sect is one such practice whose regular use has declined over the most recent centuries and Companion defines each of Sect’s conditions and explores this useful tool’s impact on the seven visible planets. The concept of munakara or contention, is also examined in these chapters on Sect. Example charts for both diurnal and nocturnal sect are included to demonstrate the impact of Sect on a chart’s delineation.


A Tiny Universe’s Companion introduces three new patterns for house rulership to aid in synthesizing the chart in a way which incorporates the importance of a planet’s rulership over a house. One of the difficulties a planet experiences in the management of its house is the debility of aversion or lack of sight, and this topic is discussed in the book. Example charts and full delineations are included in each of these chapters to demonstrate the value of planetary patterns and the dramas which can occur when they are missing in the horoscope.


A Tiny Universe and A Tiny Universe’s Companion complete their journey with the final chapters dedicated to a planetary period system from first century Persian texts. The practice of Firdaria was re-introduced into astrology twenty years ago under the umbrella of Project Hindsight and, when used as a companion alongside sect dignity, has proved to be a valuable asset in predictive astrology. This follow-on book from A Tiny Universe looks at each of the time periods from the Diurnal Firdaria and the Nocturnal Firdaria by modernising the texts of authors such as Vettius Valens (1st century C.E.) and Johannes Schoener (16th century C.E.).


A Tiny Universe

A Tiny Universe