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Joy Usher is an Australian astrologer who has been consulting, teaching and lecturing in astrology for the past 25 years. She has studied traditional techniques in astrology since the early 1990s and has incorporated traditional methods in the consulting room and the classroom since 2002.

Joy Usher is co-principle of the astrological school Astro Mundi “//www.astromundi.com” which has been operating in Adelaide since 2002. Astro Mundi runs attending, and online classes, with national students, and past and present international students from New Zealand, Canada, England, Spain and the Netherlands.

Over the past two decades Joy has lectured at conferences and held workshops in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States.

She was a regular contributor to the Astrological Monthly Review in the early 2000s and co-wrote Scala Coeli: The Ladder to Heaven, a series of essays on astrology with Mari Garcia in 2012.

Joy lives in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.


Contact the Author

If you would like to ask a specific question on how any particular principle from either book would relate to your own Natal Chart, please email me at atinyuniverse_joy@outlook.com and I will reply with a short answer to your question.


One or Two Hour Personal Tutorial

If you would like to book a one-to-one Tutorial to explain in greater depth a particular principle discussed in A Tiny Universe or A Tiny Universe’s Companion, please contact me at atinyuniverse_joy@outlook.com with your specific topic and we can arrange a time to connect with a Skype session in the future.

No prior astrology knowledge is needed for a Tutorial as the material will change to cater to your particular interest, and to accommodate your individual level of knowledge in astrology.

Charts will be included as examples in the Tutorial and the choice of these can be arranged prior to the lesson. The choice to use a personal chart for the demonstration of a technique is up to the participant, but please be advised this is not a full consultation and only the agreed topic will be discussed in the Tutorial.

The fee for a personal Tutorial is $75 US per hour.
Payment is to be made through Paypal prior to the Tutorial.

The Tutorial will be recorded and forwarded to participants as an MP3. file within 48 hours of the Tutorial’s completion.

For Group Tutorials with additional participants (maximum of four persons), the hourly fee can be negotiated by contacting me at my email address.


Suggested Tutorial Topics from  A Tiny Universe

  • Chapter Two

The Chaldean Order of the Planets
The Planets’ Significations: Past and Present

  • Chapter Three

The Planets’ Five Essential and Accidental Dignities

  • Chapter Four

The Effects of the Planets’ Friendships and Enmities on a Natal Chart

  • Chapters Five and Six

The Four Qualities and Four Elements
The Connection between the Qualities and the Aspects’ Meaning
The Impact of the Qualities on the Twelve Zodiac Signs

  • Chapter Seven

The Twelve Houses in the Chart and their Rulership

  • Chapter Eight

Dual House Systems: Comparisons between Quadrant Style and Whole Sign Charts


Suggested Tutorial Topics from  A Tiny Universe’s Companion

  • Chapters One and Two

The Effects of Planetary Sect on the Natal Chart
The Method of Munakara (Contention) and its Effects

  • Chapters Four and Five

The Determinations for Aversion in the Natal Chart
The Effects of Aversion on the Four Angles

  • Chapter Six

The Culmination Houses for Mercury and/or Jupiter

  • Chapter Seven

The Venus and Mars Lemniscate in the Natal Chart

  • Chapter Eight

The Impact of Saturn’s Consecutive House Rulership

  • Chapters 10 and 11

The Predictive Technique known as Firdaria
The Diurnal Firdaria

  • Chapters 10 and 12

Firdaria Tables and the Nocturnal Firdaria


Courses in Astrology

If you interested in studying astrology in all its aspects visit the Astro Mundi website at  www.astromundi.com  to download our Astrology Studies Guide for our syllabus and information on our Certificate and Diploma Courses.
Enrolment Forms are available from the Astro Mundi website.


Two Hour Consultation

If you would like to book a Consultation to discuss your Natal Chart, please contact me at atinyuniverse_joy@outlook.com and we can arrange a time to connect with a Skype session in the future.

Please include your Birth Date, Birth Place, and your accurate Time of Birth in your email.

The Consultation will be recorded and sent to you as a MP3 file.
No prior astrology knowledge is needed for a Consultation.

The fee for a Two Hour Consultation is $200 US.

Payment is to be made through Paypal prior to the Consultation.

A Natal Consultation will address topics discussed in A Tiny Universe and A Tiny Universe’s Companion and how they relate specifically to your Natal Chart.

A Consultation will also include the following Predictive Techniques:

  • Delineation of the Long-term Firdaria Lord and the Current Short-term Firdaria Lord (whether a day-time or night-time birth)
  • The Current Solar Return Chart and its Relationship to the Natal Chart
  • The Current Profected Lord of the Natal Chart
  • Transits to the Natal Chart
A Tiny Universe

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